About us

Why ?

– The challenges are creative, you can use your creativity and express yourself
– Experimenting is cool, because you have the chance to make mistakes but still come up with results
– You get to have fun with your friends or classmates and spend time in a meaningful way
– You might get lucky and be invited to the final in Ventspils
– The final will take place at the new science centre VIZIUM
– Participation in the final is already a benefit – the final will be like a 3-day trip to Ventspils, where the organisers will take care of you – transport, food, accommodation and entertainment!
– If you’re even luckier, you’ll win cash prizes, the biggest prize for a team is 1600


1st online round 25th September till 6th November

Final in Ventspils from 6th to 8th December


  • A group (1st-3rd grade) up to 800EUR
  • B group (4th-6th grade) up to 1000 EUR
  • C group (7th-9th grade) up to 1000 EUR
  • D group (10th-12th grade) up to 1600 EUR


  • PDF Nolikums
  • PDF Regulation
  • PDF Eeskiri
  • PDF Nuostatai