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Why ?

Students are increasingly confronted with information and communication technologies (ICT) in everyday life, but not necessarily they use all potential offered by technology and are able to express themselves creatively by creating innovative and lasting Internet content. Often time spent at the computer is limited to entertainment without knowing how are formed the sites, software and content that they are consuming daily. Therefore, it is important to demonstrate and teach students in interesting way how to create websites, games, animations, processes images and create videos on the Internet. If innovative, creative and well thought activities are presented and organized it is possible to educate smart, creative, observant and critically thinking computer user.


1st online round 28th September till 19th November

Final online from 6th to 9th December


  • A group (1st-3rd grade) up to 800EUR
  • B group (4th-6th grade) up to 1000 EUR
  • C group (7th-9th grade) up to 1000 EUR
  • D group (10th-12th grade) up to 1600 EUR


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