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In June 2022, a new science centre – VIZIUM – was opened in Ventspils. In the final, participants will have the opportunity to explore the science centre, which will be the main location. Participants will have the opportunity to explore VIZIUM’s exhibits, perform tasks in VIZIUM’s homely premises, and winners will be announced at a special award ceremony at VIZIUM.
More than 80 interactive exhibits, science shows, laboratories, conference rooms, classrooms and technical workshops are available to visitors on a daily basis, introducing them to physics, chemistry and other natural sciences.


Whats new ?

Competition “Ventspils IT Challenge 2023” begins

At the beginning of autumn, on 25 September, we give start to the yearly – already eight – Baltic region competition for students from grades 1 to 12: “Ventspils IT Challenge 2023”. Although the main focus remains creative use of technology, this year the context is unprecedented and challenging – students are asked to go green! Competition tasks must be submitted until 6 November, but the strongest teams will meet in the final in Ventspils from 6 to 8 December. With the topicality…

This year we are Going Green – applications will start on September 25th!

This year we are Going Green – applications will start on September 25th! Did you know that technology can be green? And no, that doesn’t mean painting your computer green. It…

International technology competition “Ventspils IT challenge 2022” is closed

From 7 to 9 December the finals of international technology competition “Ventspils IT challenge 2022” took place in which for the seventh years in succession young people from Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania…

The finalists of the “Ventspils IT Challenge 2022” have been selected!

The jury of the “Ventspils IT Challenge 2022” competition has completed the evaluation of the first round submissions and selected the 46 teams that will take part in the final…

Ventspils IT Challenge Round 1 applications closed

Wow, this was a dynamic and intense Round 1! Round 1 of the Ventspils IT Challenge 2022 is now closed and the jury has its work to evaluate all the…

Frequently asked questions

  • When IT challenge 2023 starts?

    First round starts on 25th September and organizers are waiting filled tasks till 6th November.

  • How can I participate?

    You need to find two team mates and teacher or other supervisor, submit 1st round task and register till 6th November in

  • How old I have to be to participate?

    In contest all Latvian students from first to twelfth class can participate. Students from Estonia, Lithuania have to be at least in class four to paticipate. Students from recreational schools have to be less than 19 years old.

  • What can I get if I participate?

    Best team in group A will get 800 Eur

    Best team in group B will get 1000 Eur

    Best team in group C will get 1000 Eur

    Best team in group D will get 1600 Eur

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