The finalists of the competition “Ventspils IT Challenge”

The jury of the competition “Ventspils IT Challenge” has evaluated the 1st round works submitted by the participants of the competition, determining the finalists, who will have the opportunity to compete for an ambitious cash prize fund in the amount of 12,000 EUR.
Representatives of Ventspils Digital Center and task creators evaluated the submitted works and determine the finalists in all age groups. The winners of the first round will be invited to the final of the competition, which will take place remotely this year:

  • November 23. – Group D tasks online
  • November 24 – Group C tasks online
  • November 25 – Group B tasks online
  • November 26 – Group A tasks online
  • November 27 – Award ceremony online for all groups

Teams from Latvia participated in Group A in the age group from 1st to 3rd grade, and 10 teams were nominated for the final:

  • IT TRIO – Lībagu sākumskola;
  • Byte Bites – Druvas vidusskola;
  • Udens Piles – Ventspils 6.vidusskola;
  • Robo2A – Jelgavas 4.sākumskola;
  • RAGANAS TRIO – Krimuldas vidusskola;
  • Mazie pasaules zinātnieki – Ventspils 1.pamatskola;
  • JTM – Alūksnes novada vidusskola;
  • Mazulīši – Ventspils 2.pamatskola;
  • Super Trio – Ventspils 2.pamatskola;
  • Stariņi – Jelgavas 5. Vidusskola.

Teams from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania participated in Group B in the age group from 4th to 6th grade, and 18 teams were nominated for the final:

  • Digitālie kartupeļi – Ventspils Centra sākumskola (LV);
  • Trio – Rīgas Franču licejs (LV);
  • Pikselīši – Lazdonas pamatskola (LV);
  • IT kosmos – Ventspils Centra sākumskola (LV);
  • Pikseļi – Rīgas Ukraiņu vidusskola (LV);
  • The Golden Trio – Kuldīgas centra vidusskola (LV);
  • Valmieras gudrinieki – Valmieras sākumskola (LV);
  • Kodiņš – Jelgavas 4.sākumskola (LV);
  • Čipsetiņi – Rīgas Franču licejs (LV);
  • Tie tur no Latvijas – Kr.Valdemāra Ainažu pamatskola (LV);
  • IT agents – Ventspils 2. pamatskola (LV);
  • Smart Girls – Rīgas Kultūras vidusskola (LV);
  • Olimipiskie Karaļi – Ventspils Pārventas Pamatskola (LV);
  • Dreambusters – Marijampoles Jono Totoraicio progymnasium (LT);
  • EZJ – Vilkaviškio “Ąžuolo” progymnasium (LT);
  • KG Triibud – Kuressaare Gymnasium (EE);
  • Estonian K´s – Peetri Lasteaed – Põhikool (EE);
  • SmartTeens – Peetri Lasteaed-Põhikool (EE).

Teams from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania participated in Group C in the age group from 7th to 9th grade, and 18 teams were nominated for the final:

  • C# – Cēsu Valsts Ģimnāzija (LV);
  • New message – Liepājas Valsts 1. ģimnāzija (LV);
  • RandomTeam – Ventspils 4. Vidusskola (LV);
  • Code Lions – Jelgavas Valsts ģimnāzija (LV);
  • Meitenes no Kuldīgas – Kuldīgas Centra vidusskola (LV);
  • Big Burrito Blast – Ventspils 2. Pamatskola (LV);
  • Āpši – Siguldas Valsts ģimnāzija (LV);
  • HPH – Ventspils Valsts 1.ģimnāzija un Ventspils 1. Pamatskola (LV);
  • Virus – E.Glika Alūksnes Valsts ģimnāzija (LV);
  • Staicelieši – Staiceles pamatskola (LV);
  • Tobillos – Ventspils Valsts 1.ģimnāzija (LV);
  • KG Magnet – Kuressaare Gymnasium (EE);
  • Led buttons – Klaipeda student self – expression center (LT);
  • Seekers of Adventures – Narva Kreenholmi Gümnaasium (EE);
  • Mighty cavemen – Klaipeda student self – expression center (LT);
  • Ora-Ora – Surju Kool (EE);
  • RLUTMH – Surju Kool (EE);
  • Sangarid – Peetri Lasteaed-Põhikool (EE).

Teams from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania participated in Group D in the age group from 10th to 12th grade, and 18 teams were nominated for the final:

  • ParimTiim – Pärnu Koidula Gümnaasium (EE);
  • SoftRock – DALP 5. vidusskola (LV);
  • WaterMotor – Pärnu Koidula Gümnaasium (EE);
  • aschnitzel – Pärnu Koidula Gümnaasium (EE);
  • STEM – Pärnu Koidula Gümnaasium (EE);
  • ANTIVĪRUSI – Ventspils 4. vidusskola / Ventspils Mūzikas vidusskola (LV);
  • NoMic – Pärnu Koidula Gümnaasium (EE);
  • Discite – Vilniaus jėzuitų gimnazija (LT);
  • KiDDoS – Austrumlatvijas Tehnoloģiju vidusskola (LV);
  • NullPointerException – Rīgas Valsts 2.ģimnāzija (LV);
  • koks – Valmieras Valsts ģimnāzija (LV);
  • Failed Nodes – Ventspils 1. Ģimnāzija (LV);
  • KafijaArSviestu – RTU Inženierzinātņu vidusskola (LV);
  • Big Brain Time – Ventspils Valsts 1. Ģimnāzija (LV);
  • Olimps – Liepājas Valsts 1. Ģimnāzija (LV);
  • Piliukai – Vilnius Lyceum (LT);
  • klövr – Rīgas Valsts 1. ģimnāzija (LV);
  • {-_-} – Jelgavas 5. vidusskola (LV).

Detailed information about the final of the competition and the necessary technical support will be sent to the finalists by e-mail. Despite the fact that it will not be possible to meet in person in the finals, the organizers will take care of the gifts and the finalists will be sent promotional prizes for participating in the competition.

More detailed information about the competition can be found on the competition website:, as well as on social media Instagram and Facebook: @ventspilsitc. In case of questions or uncertainties, please write to e-mail:

This year, our circle of friends has grown: Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA), Network of innovative informal education for youth (INPUT), educational organization MTÜ Nuti-Võlur, IT Education Foundation – Start (IT ), Prezi, Infogram, Overly, Accenture Latvia, The Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA), All Digital organization, STEAMonEdu project, Latvian Informatics Olympiad, eTwinning, Zemgale Region Human Resource and Competences Development Centre, Ventspils City Council, Ventspils University of Applied Sciences , Ventspils Digital Centre, Ventspils Vocational School, Ventspils Creative House and Ventspils Education Department.