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We have set ambitious goals and learnt from world’s best practice, acting out our skills and knowledge in the development of the city. Last twenty years have changed the community’s opinions about what excellent communications and street pavement is, what urban architecture and landscape must be like, and what high-quality social and physical infrastructure is. Inhabitants of Ventspils are used to perfection. If something goes wrong, they immediately notice and try to fix it. You can get more information and earn local money “Venti” HERE.

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The Online Round of the Contest “Ventspils IT Challenge 2018” on the Home Straight!

The Online Round of the Contest “Ventspils IT Challenge 2018” on the Home Straight!   Only one week to go until the end of the first – online – round of the contest “Ventspils IT Challenge 2018”! The students from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia still may submit their entries by 12 October and compete for a […]

The Music Band “Double Faced Eels” to Perform in the Finals of the Contest “Ventspils IT Challenge”

The Music Band “Double Faced Eels” to Perform in the Finals of the Contest “Ventspils IT Challenge”   Also this year, the contest “Ventspils IT Challenge” promises a whole lot of fun and surprises, one of them being the performance of the music band “Double Faced Eels”. The final round of the contest “Ventspils IT […]

“Ventspils IT Challenge” Winners Take it All!

By 5 October, the teams comprised of students in grades 1 to 12 are welcome to submit their entries to the technology-oriented contest “Ventspils IT Challenge” and to prove their expertise and knowledge by competing for valuable prizes, gaining experience by way of participation in an international technology-oriented contest, and meeting peers who share the same views.

Comments from last year’s winners.

We are communicating with last year’s prize winner teams and asking few questions about last year’s contest. If you are still debating to participate or not, maybe these answers would help you to decide! This time we are publishing answers from team Sytevaka from Pärnu Sütevaka Humanitaargümnaasium. They are last year winners in age group D.

“Ventspils IT challenge 2018” starts now!

Ready for “Ventspils IT Challenge 2018”?  Here we go again – Ventspils has come up with a new challenge! For the third year in a row, students in grades 1 to 12 from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are welcome to participate in the contest “Ventspils IT Challenge” to compete and demonstrate their skills regarding creative use […]

Frequently asked questions

  • When IT challenge 2018 starts?

    First round starts 10th September and organizers are waiting filled tasks till 12th October.

  • How can I participate?

    You need to find two team mates and teacher or other supervisor and register till 5th October in

  • How old I have to be to participate?

    In contest all Latvian students from first to twelfth class can participate. Students from Estonia and Lithuania have to be at least in class four to paticipate. Students from recreational schools have to be less than 19 years old.

  • What can I get if I participate?

    Best team in group A will get 800 Eur

    Best team in group B will get 1000 Eur

    Best team in group C will get 1000 Eur

    Best team in group D will get 1600 Eur

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Municipal authority “Ventspils Digital centre”
Ventspils pilsētas pašvaldības iestāde
“Ventspils Digitālais centrs”
Reģ. Nr.: 90001517332
Adrese: Akmeņu iela 3, Ventspils, LV 3601

Main organizer

Inguss Blaudums
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