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We have set ambitious goals and learnt from world’s best practice, acting out our skills and knowledge in the development of the city. Last twenty years have changed the community’s opinions about what excellent communications and street pavement is, what urban architecture and landscape must be like, and what high-quality social and physical infrastructure is. Inhabitants of Ventspils are used to perfection. If something goes wrong, they immediately notice and try to fix it. You can get more information and earn local money “Venti” HERE.

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Whats new ?

The international technology competition has ended “Ventspils IT challenge 2020”

From 23 to 26 November, the final of the international competition “Ventspils IT Challenge 2020” took place, in which young […]

The finalists of the competition “Ventspils IT Challenge”

The jury of the competition “Ventspils IT Challenge” has evaluated the 1st round works submitted by the participants of the […]

The 1st round of the competition “Ventspils IT Challenge” has ended

The application and submission of 1st round tasks have been finished for the competition “Ventspils IT Challenge 2020” has been […]

Changes in the Technology competition “Ventspils IT challenge 2020” – this year fully online!

To care about the safety of our participants and follow the guidelines and restrictions set in the participant countries regarding […]

In the Ventspils IT Challenge, the most active school has the opportunity to win technology workshops worth 2000 EUR

Currently, the first or remote round of the competition Ventspils IT Challenge is actively underway, and in order to make […]

Frequently asked questions

  • When IT challenge 2020 starts?

    First round starts 2nd September and organizers are waiting filled tasks till 28th October.

  • How can I participate?

    You need to find two team mates and teacher or other supervisor and register till 28th October in

  • How old I have to be to participate?

    In contest all Latvian students from first to twelfth class can participate. Students from Estonia, Lithuania and Finland have to be at least in class four to paticipate. Students from recreational schools have to be less than 19 years old.

  • What can I get if I participate?

    Best team in group A will get 800 Eur

    Best team in group B will get 1000 Eur

    Best team in group C will get 1000 Eur

    Best team in group D will get 1600 Eur

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Municipal authority “Ventspils Digital centre”
Ventspils pilsētas pašvaldības iestāde
“Ventspils Digitālais centrs”
Reģ. Nr.: 90001517332
Adrese: Akmeņu iela 3, Ventspils, LV 3601

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